Adamo Foods' fungi-based steak

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

UK Government Invests £12M in Fermentation Hub for Alternative Proteins

The UK government has announced a £12 million investment in the Microbial Food Hub, a research centre focusing on fermentation-based foods to develop sustainable and innovative alternatives to animal products. Led by Dr. Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro at Imperial College London, the hub will explore technologies that use microorganisms, such as biomass fermentation to develop mycoproteins and precision fermentation to create bioidentical egg or dairy proteins and other ingredients. The hub will also explore traditional fermentation to improve the nutritional quality of plant-based foods. Experts from various universities, including the University of Reading, the University of Kent, the University of Aberystwyth, the University of Cambridge, and Rothamsted Research, will collaborate on the project along with industrial and food industry partners. The hub will receive the funds from …


Aleph Cuts cultivated steak

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Politics & Law

EU Ministers Against Cultivated Meat Debate at EU Council Using Misinformation Says GFI

Yesterday, at an EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting, ministers gathered to discuss cultivated meat and its potential to benefit or threaten people and the environment. A coalition of 13 agricultural ministers, rather than 12 as initially reported by Euronews, led by Austria, France, and Italy, had sent a note to the EU council urging a revision of the regulatory approval framework for cultivated meat.  Supported by Czech, Cypriot, Greek, Hungarian, Luxembourg, Lithuanian, Maltese, Romanian, Slovak, and Spanish delegations, they raised concerns about the potential threat of cultivated meat to the economy, public health, and farmers while questioning its “naturalness” (fake meat) and sustainability. Austria’s Ministry of Health, which bears responsibility for food safety, has clarified that the note does not represent the stance of the Austrian government. A controversial …


Three different dishes of cultivated meat: beef skewers, roast beef, and chicken breast

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Politics & Law

12 EU Agriculture Ministers Form Coalition Against Cultivated Meat

A coalition of a dozen EU agriculture ministers will push for a revision of the regulatory approval framework for the authorization of cultivated meat at the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council today. As reported by Euronews, Austria, France, and Italy proposed the initiative to The EU council, receiving support from the Czech, Cypriot, Greek, Hungarian, Luxembourg, Lithuanian, Maltese, Romanian, and Slovak delegations. The coalition sent a statement to the EU executive urging them to evaluate and initiate a public debate regarding the impact of cultivated meat, as they see the technology as a potential threat to the economy, public health, and farmers. The group is also looking to establish label guidelines that prohibit the names of animal products in “fake” meat and milk products. Despite Europe being …


juicy marbles' plant-based whole cut loin pictured on a wooden board and being cut by a man

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Report Finds Plant-Based Meat a Healthy Option: Challenging Ultra-Processed Myths

A new report by the Good Food Institute Europe suggests that plant-based meat in Europe offers a good nutritional profile on average, which may lead to various health advantages. The report, reviewed by food scientists and health experts, analyzed recent studies conducted in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden comparing plant-based and animal meat, to determine the nutritional profile of plant-based meat against EU guidelines. According to the figures, plant-based meats are a source of fiber, bioavailable proteins, and micronutrients, with low saturated fat. On the contrary, animal meat lacks fiber, is high in saturated fat, and can contain traces of antibiotics and bacteria. Furthermore, plant-based meat, which meets the EU definition of high-protein foods, offers similar protein calories to conventional meat in all categories …