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Impossible Foods Launches the Indulgent Burger as Its Boldest, Most Decadent Patty Yet

Impossible Foods is expanding its portfolio with the brand’s “boldest” burger yet – the Impossible Indulgent Burger. Created as a premium version of the original Impossible burger patty, Impossible states that the Indulgent Burger is thicker and offers a more gourmet flavor. The burger will launch this summer at select US restaurants, including Bareburger and Monty’s Good Burger, followed by select retailers.  According to Impossible Foods, the Indulgent Burger was developed using a taste-first approach. Each third-pound, restaurant-style patty offers a more beefy flavor with “maximum flavor and juiciness” that can be cooked on the stovetop or grill. In a blind taste test, the company reports 82% of consumers said the product tasted as good as or better than ground beef from cows. Innovating beef …