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Industry & Academia Research: The Cultivated B and DTU Biosustain to Take Bioreactors to the “Next Level”

In a collaboration between industry and academia to accelerate progress in cell-based foods, the German cell ag technologies specialist The Cultivated B (TCB) and The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain) will work to drive innovation and advance the field of bioreactor design. The agreement, signed into a Memorandum of Understanding, will test and improve TCB’s AUXO V bioreactor technology and set new industry standards for bioprocessing.  The Cultivated B develops cell ag technology, bioreactor engineering, and cultivated meat products. Its development team is located in Germany, with two subsidiaries in Canada, PreFer Industries and n!Biomachines. Bo Skjold Larsen, CEO at DTU Biosustain, emphasized that collaboration between academic researchers and industry professionals helps speed progress, encourages innovation, and positively affects society.   “We are looking forward to collaborating with …