Dr Arne Ewerbeck, The Raging Pig Co

Dr Arne Ewerbeck, ©The Raging Pig Co


The Raging Pig Co: “On a Mission to Remove 1.5 Billion Pigs From Our Global Food System”

When it comes to bold, eye-catching branding, Hamburg-based Raging Pig Co is right there in your face. Along with its cocky tagline, “The pig-less bacon that even your dad will love,” Raging Pig is impossible to ignore. And who can resist the idea of “mouthwatering pigless bacon”? On a mission to eliminate pigs from the food system, Raging Pig was co-founded by Constantin Klass and Dr. Arne Ewerbeck, who set out in 2021 on “an exciting journey to merge the power of bacon, foodtech, and pop culture to drive the positive change our world needed yesterday”. We spoke with Dr Arne who told us about the importance of branding and messaging, two recent NPDs, and some “secret” products set to follow. Also, the world’s largest …



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Raging Pig Launches ‘Raging Bacon’ at German Burger Chain Vincent Vegan

The Raging Pig Company announces the launch of its ‘Raging Bacon’ at Germany’s largest vegan burger chain, Vincent Vegan. The team at Raging Pig has developed an innovative production process that, among other things, harnesses side streams from the food industry. With this innovative product, the company aims to meet the growing demand for plant-based alternatives to animal products and offer authentic alternatives to traditional animal bacon. After working with selected local restaurant partners in Hamburg, the company is now taking the next steps in expansion as its vegan bacon rolls out at Vincent Vegan in all restaurants across Germany. Topi Rohde, co-Founder of Vincent Vegan, says of the new collaboration, “We’ve been searching for a long time for a plant-based bacon alternative that deserves …