Abbot's Chopped Chick'n now available as a protein option at Tocaya Organica.

© Abbots Butcher

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Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n Added to Menus at All 20 Tocaya Modern Mexican Restaurants

Casual chain Tocaya Modern Mexican, a Mexican concept chain with over 20 locations in California and Arizona, launches plant-based Chopped Chick’n made by Abbot’s Butcher across all menus as a suggested protein pairing for many of Tocaya’s dishes as well as a protein option for any entrée. The product expansion means that Tocaya is the only restaurant to carry Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n in the Greater Los Angeles area, though the “Beef” and “Chorizo” are offered at independently owned restaurant menus including Chicas Tacos, Pizzanista, and Mohawk Bend. Tocaya’s chefs offer various suggestions for the plant protein such as the Tocaya Salad tossed with Chick’n and a spicy cilantro-lime dressing; Grilled Pineapple Al Pastor Bowl with Chick’n and cilantro-lime rice; and the Fajita Burrito with …