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40-Year-Old Tofutti Launches New Branding to Stand Out in “More Competitive” Market

Tofutti, a 40-year-old plant-based foods brand, announces it is updating its branding and packaging with a new, bolder look. Intended to position the brand to better compete in a fast-growing market, the latest packaging will launch later in August, with the old packaging phasing out over the course of this year.  The updated black design features bold red lettering evoking a retro feel, which Tofutti says is fitting for a company founded in 1981. The packaging also now prominently displays the words “plant-based” and “vegan”, while the company’s vegan cheese and sour cream clearly state their gluten-free status. By labeling its products “vegan”, Tofutti says it is proudly advertising to its largest group of supporters. “Look at the sorts of people who follow us on …


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Revealed: The World’s Top 10 Best Vegan Cheeses 2021, Consumer Interest up 2.6X

Abillion, the sustainability-focused consumer review platform and social network, has released its awards for this year’s top ten vegan cheeses, according to consumers from across the globe. To the pleasure of all lovers of Italian cheese, in first place came Grattaveg by Bio Vegeatal – a Tuscan company producing vegan and organic alternatives to cold cuts and cheese.  Started by Piero Messana and his son Fabio, the father-son team initially offered homemade vegan mozzarella and cold cuts in their family pizzeria-gelateria. The products were so warmly received that they started their own brand; Bio Vegeatal. Interestingly, Grattaveg differs from most plant-based cheese as its main ingredients are red lentils and potato starch. Here is the rundown of the World’s 10 Best Vegan Cheeses in 2021: …


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Tofutti Brands: Declining Sales but Good Prospects for the Future

The American vegan company Tofutti Brands Inc. has just published its second quarterly report for 2018, which shows that although sales and gross profit have declined, management remains confident about the future development of the company. Compared to the same quarter last year, the dairy-free company recorded a slight decline in net sales within the 13 weeks to June 30, 2018. Founded in 1981, the company generated net sales of $3,443 million. The decline in sales can be explained by reduced sales of frozen products, which ultimately reduced the company’s sales by $181,000. As a result, the company’s gross profits decreased from $1.173 million to $1.014 million. Net income was $90,000, or $0.02 per share, a decrease from the previous year, when net income was …


Måns Ullerstam – Gründer und Investor von Kale Invest

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Kale Invest: “A Little Effort Can Have a Big Impact on the World”

The Swedish entrepreneur and investor Måns Ullerstam is a real doer. After realising that there were no investment opportunities that met his ethical and sustainable standards, he quickly created one himself. That is how “Kale Invest” – an investment platform that invests only in plant-based companies – was born. But that’s not all. Ullerstam was recently trained by Al Gore as a Climate Reality Leader in order to further advance his commitment to tackling climate change. That was reason enough for us to interview the young visionary about his investment project and the worldwide development of veganism.