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VWS Launches Top Chef Challenge to Find America’s Best Female Plant-Based Chef

The Vegan Women Summit (VWS) announces it is launching The VWS Top Chef Challenge, a new cooking competition to find America’s best plant-based female chef. Taking place in New York City on May 19th, the Top Chef Challenge aims to showcase the talents of women in the food industry, and will feature judges from plant-based companies Impossible Foods, Wicked Kitchen and TiNDLE. Creating top dishes According to VWS, the Top Chef Challenge will invite three female chefs from across the US to display their culinary talents by preparing their best plant-based dishes using ingredients from the participating brands. The dishes will be judged by top executives Leslie Sims, CMO of Impossible Foods; Pete Speranza, CEO of Wicked Kitchen; and Andre Menezes, CEO of TiNDLE. The …