Plantbased Business Hour

What You Need To Know Before You IPO: George Khalife of Toronto Stock Exchange

George Khalife, VP of US Capital Formation on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) at TMX Group joins Elysabeth on The Plantbased Business Hour With Elysabeth Alfano to discuss taking Plant-based Innovation brands public on the exchange. Here, they break down what you need to know before you IPO. Specifically, they discuss: What is the TSX history with taking plant-based brands public? What have been the TSX successes and trouble spots with that? What is your view on taking plant-based brands public on TSX going forward? What is your view on the sector as a whole: past, present and future? What do companies need to know before they IPO? Below is a highlight clip and transcription from their long-form conversation. Podcast link here. Display content from …