Trash Planet unleashes new collection of vegan and recyclable sneakers and boots

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Trash Planet Launches Sustainable Vegan Footwear Made From Apple Leather & Recycled Materials

Sustainable footwear company Trash Planet has unveiled its new collection of vegan and eco-friendly sneakers and boots. Crafted from sustainable and recycled materials such as apple leather, corn, rubber, and polyester canvas, Trash Planet’s new innovative footwear collection is cruelty-free and environmentally responsible. The company describes it as “a game-changer in the industry’s quest for genuinely greener options.”  Based in the UK, Trash Planet aims to revolutionise the fashion industry and set a new standard for sustainable fashion by pioneering the use of recycled materials to create cutting-edge recyclable fashion pieces.  “We are beyond excited to introduce our newest collection of vegan, recycled, and recyclable sneakers and boots,” said Holly Boxall, head of design at Trash Planet. Guilt-free fashion The vegan leather used for the …