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Trupo Treats Introduces Vegan Versions of Classic Candy Bars

Trupo Treats, a Colorado-based vegan confectionery company, has unveiled a new product line: Trupo Treats Vegan Versions. This new line aims to cater to the growing demand for vegan and gluten-free candy bars reminiscent of childhood favorites. To kickstart the launch, the company has set a pre-order sales target of at least $50,000.00 by November 1, with a push goal of $100,000 in prelaunch sales, and the bars will only be produced if the target is met. But as of this morning, the company is already halfway to meeting its initial goal.  Brian Trupo, co-founder of Trupo Treats, acknowledged the shift in strategy, stating on LinkedIn, “Throughout Trupo Treats history, we tried to conceal how ‘vegan’ our products looked in order to attract the masses, …