Singaporean precision fermentation company TurtleTree announces a new commercial partnership for its flagship whey protein lactoferrin, LF+, with Strive, a F&B company specializin in bringing novel protein products to market.

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TurtleTree & Strive to Launch Health-Focused Beverages Powered by Animal-Free Lactoferrin

Singaporean precision fermentation company TurtleTree announces a new commercial partnership with Strive Nutrition, an F&B company bringing novel proteins to market, for LF+, claimed to be the world’s first GRAS and vegan-certified animal-free lactoferrin. The companies will introduce two health-focused products in the USA by 2025: an immunity support beverage for adults and a ready-to-mix protein powder targeted for sports nutrition. According to the announcement, the collaboration aims to capitalize on the growing functional beverage market, where 83% of US consumers currently drink functional beverages as part of their self-care routine. The news follows TurtleTree’s first-ever commercial partnership to launch a functional espresso featuring LF+ with Cadence Performance Coffee. Fengru Lin, TurtleTree’s CEO, expressed her excitement about the partnership: “We are looking forward to supporting Strive …


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7 Fermentation Companies Paving the Whey to a Cow-Free Dairy Industry

Following our recent summary of producers making alternatives to casein protein, below is a roundup of the companies using cutting-edge technology to make whey proteins with microbes; bypassing cheesemaking to retire cows from the dairy business. Whey proteins, derived from the whey or the liquid portion of milk that separates during cheese production, are known for their rapid absorption and high branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which play an essential role in muscle growth and recovery. They have been widely used in the last decades as ingredients in protein powders and bars targeting athletes. Whey proteins include β-lactoglobulin, α-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, bovine serum albumin, bovine lactoferrin, and lactoperoxidase. Precision fermentation companies mainly produce a bio-identical version of the most abundant of them, β-lactoglobulin, to craft the next …


TurtleTree has secured its first commercial partnership with Cadence Performance Coffee, a company dedicated to enhancing overall human performance.



TurtleTree’s Animal-Free Lactoferrin in Functional Espresso Marks First Commercial Partnership

Singaporean precision fermentation company TurtleTree announces it has secured its first commercial partnership with the US company Cadence Cold Brew to launch a functional espresso under the brand Cadence Performance Coffee. The companies have teamed up to introduce this innovative espresso shot range designed to improve athletic performance, featuring TurtleTree’s LF+ — the world’s first animal-free lactoferrin.   The LF+ espresso shot will offer athletes a convenient way to access the benefits of lactoferrin, which supports iron regulation, immune function, and gut health. Moreover, the LF+ can help counteract the negative effects of caffeine on zinc and iron absorption, ensuring that the body still gets access to these important nutrients, explains the biotech. This partnership comes only six months after TurtleTree obtained its self-GRAS status (generally …


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TurtleTree Secures First-Ever Vegan Certification in Precision Fermentation Dairy

After obtaining self-GRAS status last November for its animal-free lactoferrin, LF+, TurtleTree, a Singaporean biotech company operating in California, USA, announces that the product has officially obtained vegan certification.  TrutleTree’s protein and manufacturing process has been certified by Vegan Action, the leading vegan certification provider in the US. The vegan stamp ensures that consumers can trust the absence of animal products, byproducts, and animal testing in their products. According to the Singaporean biotech, this milestone establishes it as the first precision fermentation dairy company globally to obtain vegan certification. Meanwhile, it also marks the first time that Vegan Action gives the stamp to a novel protein in its 24-year trajectory with more than 15,000 products Vegan Certified. Fengru Lin, CEO and co-founder of TurtleTree, comments: …


TurtleTree receives approval to commercialize animal-free lactoferrin in the USA

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TurtleTree Obtains First-Ever Self-GRAS Status for Precision Fermentation-Derived Lactoferrin

Singaporean biotech TurtleTree claims that it has obtained the world’s first self-GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) by the FDA for a precision fermentation-derived lactoferrin, making it also the first Singaporean company to obtain self-GRAS for a synbio protein. This status confirms that TurtleTree’s animal-free lactoferrin is safe for human consumption, allowing the company to commercialize it in the USA. In May, the company unveiled the protein, branded under L+, claiming it as the world’s first animal-free lactoferrin. TurtleTree announced that it will supply LF+ for infant formulas, plant-based dairy, and sports nutrition products, including protein powders, functional beverages, meal replacement alternatives, and multivitamins, expecting profitability in 2024. The biotech company also announced that multiple clients have shown interest in buying a $500 million value of animal-free lactoferrin …