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Verdino Green Foods Takes Over Unfished and Green Course Brands From Prefera Foods

Verdino Green Foods, a plant-based leader in Central and Eastern Europe and the first alt meat producer in its native Romania, announces it has taken over the Unfished® and Green Course® brands from Prefera Foods, consolidating the entire portfolio and adding alt seafood products and stating that it now becomes one of the players with the most diversified plant-based portfolio in Europe. Launched just last year, Unfished offers canned PlanTuna, ready-to-eat salads and alt tuna and salmon spreads, winning various awards including Best Vegan Tuna at the PETA Vegan Food Awards 2022. Green Course offers a range of ready meals, meat alternatives, sauces, and vegan mayonnaise. “Consolidating the plant-based product portfolio is a priority for us, which is why we took a step forward in …



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Unfished: “On a Transformational Journey Driven By New Food Trends and a Conscientious Approach”

Fish made from plants is the next big thing says Raul Ciurtin, CEO of Romanian company Prefera Foods, producer of the Unfished range of products. Here Ciurtin speaks to vegconomist about long ingredient lists, emotional business decisions and reservations about Eastern Europe. With Unfished PlanTuna, you are just launching a range of tuna alternatives in German supermarkets. What is the demand like? Germany is one of the countries that interests us the most because here the demand for seafood alternatives is already high. The consumers’ interest towards plant-based fish is growing worldwide –  and especially in Germany where many people have a strong environmental awareness. They are more willing to accept innovations and change their lifestyle. Our German distributor – Verdino GmbH – has already …



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German Vegan Tuna Launches from Unfished and BettaF!sh

Two plant-based seafood specialists in Germany have announced vegan tuna launches for Veganuary 2022. PlanTuna from Unfished and the vegan TU-NAH Pizza from BettaF!sh are hitting shelves across the country.   New brand Unfished brings its sustainable plant-based PlanTuna to the table, rich in nutrients comparable to its animal counterpart. The tuna comes in five varieties and will appeal to the growing number of consumers concerned with overfishing and ocean pollution. Joining the range are two ready-to-eat salads with PlanTuna, as well as a PlanTuna Spread range.  For their “Best positive Impact,” Unfished products recently won the international V-Label Award, and are manufactured by leading Romanian food company Prefera Foods.  BettaF!sh TU-NAH  Fellow German plant-based seafood brand BettaF!sh is also celebrating Veganuary with its vegan TU-NAH …