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New Project Discusses Social Acceptance of Cultivated Meat in Germany

The Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) in Lower Saxony, Germany, is supporting a project with up to €120,000  to discuss the social acceptance of cultivated meat.  Called “Meat of the future” (Fleisch der Zukunft), the project will be conducted by Nick Lin-Hi, Professor of Business and Ethics at the Universität Vechta (one of Germany’s hotspots for agribusiness) and his team.  The Ministry is funding a total of 13 projects with a budget of € 1.5 million as part of its “Discourses on the Future” programme, which aims to strengthen the exchange between science and the public on current issues. The groundbreaking questions of our time “With the “Discourses on the Future” programme, the research strength of our universities and research institutions becomes visible, especially in the groundbreaking …