Myocopia & University of Helsinki develop growth free medium

Myocopia / University of Helsinki

Cultivated Meat

University of Helsinki Develops “Game-Changing” Cultivated Meat Technology Without Growth Medium Using Stem Cells

Pekka Katajisto of the University of Helsinki’s HiLIFE (Helsinki Institute of Life Science) and his team at the Myocopia project have developed a technology based on stem cell research that they believe would allow the large-scale production of cultivated meat, thus bringing affordable products to the market. The Myocopia researchers argue that cultivating meat in bioreactors relies on expensive growth factors to make the cells grow and differentiate, and these costs hinder cultivated meat companies from growing sufficient volumes of meat cost-effectively. However, after researching how cellular metabolism regulates the division and differentiation of muscle stem cells, the Myocopia team has found another approach to achieve the same cell behavior without using a growth medium. “I believe our innovation is going to be a game …


Plant based grilled burger patty with grill marks and rock salt isolated on white. Top view.

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Researchers Discover Ideal Fava Bean Blend for Tasty & Fibrous Plant-Based Meat

Scientists from the University of Helsinki have discovered a promising protein blend for plant-based meat: whole fava bean (also commonly known as fava or broad bean) groat flour (hulled husks) combined with pea protein isolate (PPI). Fava beans are a promising ingredient for producing meat analogs. However, the researchers argue that protein concentrate from these beans has been hindered by its bitter taste, which is attributed to compounds such as free phenolics, vicine, convicine, saponins, and oxidized fatty acids. To overcome the bitter challenge so disliked by consumers, they explored in a new study the feasibility of using two different types of fava bean ingredients instead of concentrates: flour from germinated, gently heat-treated beans and groat from non-germinated, roasted beans. According to the researchers, both heat …