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Alt Meat Made From Amaranth? UK Scientists Embrace Vertical Farming to Explore New Low Cost Protein

Scientists from the University of York are collaborating on a new environmentally-friendly research project to produce a low-cost alternative protein derived from amaranth that can be used in product formulations of alt meat and other plant-based foods. Funded by Innovate UK, VIP Leaf will bring together vertical farming technology and crop biology experts to develop high-protein amaranth crops with high-yielding performance. The project’s ultimate goal is to address the growing plant-based proteins demand and reduce UK imports of soy and pea. Vertical Future will lead the two-year project with the University of York, Crop Health and Protection Limited (CHAP), an Innovate UK-funded agri-tech centre. Syan Farms and plant-based food company Eat Curious also joined the project. An undervalued crop in the UK Amaranth is undervalued …