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UnMEAT Launches New Campaign Promoting Plant-Based Protein Alternatives

unMEAT, a leading plant-based protein brand, has launched its latest campaign, “Add Some Un—to Your Usual,” focusing on its canned products, affordability, and clean ingredients, seeking to capture consumers’ attention as awareness and sales of the brand continue to grow.  unMEAT’s journey into the US market began with the introduction of its canned luncheon meat at Walmart stores last January with the aim of targeting flexitarian consumers. The company also launched its vegan luncheon meat in Woolworths in Australia, priced competitively with conventional luncheon meat products. Additionally, UnMEAT was one of the first brands on the market with canned plant-based tuna, introduced in 2022, crafted from non-GMO soy protein. Owned by Century Pacific Food, Inc. in the Philippines, unMEAT cites its notable growth, tripling its …


unMEAT vegan luncheon meat

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

unMEAT’s Vegan Luncheon Meat Launches in 960 Australian Woolworths Stores at Price Parity

unMEAT, an alt meat brand owned by Philippines-based seafood giant Century Pacific, is expanding into Australia with a rollout at the country’s largest supermarket chain, Woolworths. The brand’s shelf-stable vegan luncheon meat is now available at 960 Woolworths stores across the country, at price parity with conventional luncheon meat products. The meat alternative is also available from the Woolworths website. According to Century Pacific, one in three Australian consumers is consciously reducing their meat intake, meaning the company sees favorable prospects for the unMEAT brand in the country. “The thesis behind plant-based alternatives remains,” said Greg Banzon, executive vice president and COO of Century Pacific. “Consumers want healthier and more planet-forward food choices. As a food company, we need to address these needs through innovation …


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unMEAT’s SPAM Style Canned Luncheon Meat Debuts in Select US Walmart Stores

Plant protein brand unMEAT announces its shelf-stable Luncheon Style Meat is launching in select US Walmart stores. Described as a “first of its kind” alternative, unMEAT says the Luncheon is the only plant-based canned meat option currently on the US market.  According to unMEAT, its Luncheon Style Meat tastes like original luncheon meat but with healthier ingredients. Priced at $3.58 per can, the product is a non-GMO offering with 30% fewer calories and 60% less sodium than leading meat competitors, while containing zero sodium nitrites. unMEAT adds that its canned meat alternatives are also rich in fiber, with no cholesterol or trans fats.  Owned by Asian food and beverage giant Century Pacific Food, unMEAT made its US retail debut in 2022.  Last year, unMEAT’s Luncheon debuted …


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Market & Trends

This Week in Singapore’s Alt Protein Scene

It’s all happening this week in Singapore’s alt protein scene. Here we touch upon current developments in the city-state from AFTEA, Shandi Global, UnMeat, and Meatiply. Shandi Global announces largest plant-based chicken manufacturing facility in Singapore Shandi Global yesterday announced the launch and the opening of what it claims to be Singapore’s largest plant-based chicken manufacturing facility following a second seed funding round. Shandi produces plant-based chicken products including patties, pieces, shreds, strips, and drumsticks. Shandi claims the new facility will produce the “world’s first and only plant-based chicken product boasting 30% protein content,” and that it is the “only alternative meat supplier in the world with 5 food-technology patents”. Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA) Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA) opens on 26 October as …


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Food & Beverage

unMEAT Launches Fish-Free Canned Tuna in Online Retailers and Select US Supermarkets

unMEAT, a plant-based protein brand owned by seafood giant Century Pacific Food, is launching its new fish-free canned tuna into online retailers and select supermarkets across the US.  Made with non-GMO ingredients, unMEAT says its tuna exceeds traditional tuna in taste, texture and nutrition, with zero mercury or trans fats. The brand’s current line features three varieties – Tuna in Sunflower Oil, Tuna in Water and Tuna Hot & Spicy.  According to unMEAT, canned tuna is the top-selling canned food in the US, with tuna products making up four of the top 25 best-selling canned food items. However, consumer concerns about mercury, pollution and heavy metal contamination has opened the tuna market to new diets and consumers seeking healthier options, unMEAT says.  Preferred 3-to-1 To …




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What’s Behind the Recent Vegan Spam Explosion? Five Reasons Why Vegan Spam is “Hitting Meat Right Where it Hurts the Most”

The Phillippines’ largest branded food company, Century Pacific, has launched a vegan spam through its unMEAT brand, becoming the third company in a month to release a plant-based canned pork. What’s going on with this apparent vegan spam explosion? Plant-based meat brand unMeat this week announced two varieties of plant-based luncheon meat — Luncheon Style Meat and Burger Style Luncheon Meat — for the US market. The products are available via online retailers, GTFO It’s Vegan! and Weee!, along with select stores throughout the Midwest and East Coast. Brought to retailers by Century Pacific Food, the launch is the most current in a series of rollouts conducted by several food and retail giants across Asia Pacific and aimed at the US market. Here we take …