Meatable's co-founders

Meatable's co-founders Daan Luining (R) and Krijn de Noo - Image courtesy of Meatable

Cultivated Meat

Meatable Prepares for First Cultivated Pork Tasting in the Netherlands, Mosa Meat to Follow with Cultivated Beef 

Dutch cultivated pork company Meatable announces that it has submitted a dossier to hold the country’s first legally sanctioned cultivated meat tasting. As soon as the experts give the green light, Meatable will host the first-ever tasting of its cultivated pork products. Only last November, the company opened a new pilot facility to expand the production ahead of a cultivated pork launch poised for 2024.  Krijn de Nood, co-founder and CEO at Meatable, said: “We can’t wait to invite people to try our delicious pork sausages and experience for themselves that it doesn’t just look and taste like meat, it is meat.” The first EU tastings of cultivated beef The news follows the recent launch of an independent Expert Committee by Cellular Agriculture Netherlands (CANS) on behalf …


Upstream Foods develops cultivated salmon fat

© Upstream Foods

Cultivated Seafood

Upstream Foods Develops Cultivated Salmon Fat to Improve Taste of Alt Seafood

Dutch startup Upstream Foods is developing cultivated salmon fat that could be used to give plant-based seafood the same flavor and mouthfeel as conventional fish. The fat is made by taking cells from living fish via a biopsy and using them to produce stem cells. These stem cells can then become fat cells, multiplying many times in a bioreactor so that one sample can produce a large quantity of cultivated fat. Finally, the cells are combined with a plant-based matrix. While the technology is already used in the pharmaceutical industry, it is not yet widely used in food production. Upstream Foods is currently operating from the Wageningen University and Research campus, but is searching for a larger lab to allow it to combine food and …