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V-Dog: New Research Finds Dogs Can Thrive Long-Term on Plant-Based Kibble

Vegan dog food brand v-dog announces the first comprehensive study on the long-term effects of a plant-based diet for dogs has been completed by clinician-scientists at Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Veterinary Medicine. According to the company, the research confirms that dogs can thrive long-term on plant-based kibble while having a more positive impact on the planet.  Presented on February 20 at the Western Vet Conference in Las Vegas, the 12-month study found that a nutritionally complete plant-based diet can provide complete and balanced nutrition for dogs during adult maintenance life stages. According to v-dog, the study was conducted by independent clinical researchers and was not commissioned by the company.  As such, v-dog states, it represents an important contribution to the ongoing conversation …


rePurpose Global Plastic Cleanup

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rePurpose Joins with 20 Plant-Based Brands to Offset Millions of Pounds of Plastic Waste

rePurpose Global, a global platform for reducing plastic waste, reveals it has partnered with twenty plant-based brands to take immediate action on the plastic pollution crisis. Brands including No Evil Foods, The Very Good Butchers, Outstanding Foods, V-Dog and more are coming together to remove the equivalent of 27 million plastic bags, or 3 million plastic bottles, from nature every year. Rewarding plastic reduction To accomplish this goal, all of the partnering companies are actively reducing the amount of plastic used in their packaging and supply chains while financing rePurpose’s social enterprises, which provide income for waste workers recovering nature-bound plastics. rePurpose also awards Plastic Negative Certification to brands who ambitiously commit to decreasing plastic in their supply chains, and work to eliminate at least …