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Nelson-Jameson Announces Strategic Partnerships to Meet Plant-Based Development Goals

In a move to adapt to the evolving landscape of consumer preferences and growing demands for plant-based products, food processing distributor Nelson-Jameson has announced two strategic partnerships with Vaess and Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC). These collaborations aim to provide innovative solutions to the food industry, catering to the increasing diversity of customer portfolios. Representing over 850 vendors and distributing over 55,000 products, Nelson-Jameson has been a reliable support system for food and beverage processors for 75 years. The company has consistently adapted based on changing manufacturing practices, distribution channels, and consumer trends. This has encouraged it to seek partnerships with experts in the plant-based food industry, including the newly formed collaborations with Vaess and LSC. Vaess Vaess is a Dutch food engineering company specializing in …


Quorn's chicken strips

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Vaess and Marlow Ingredients Join Forces to Drive Innovation in Mycoprotein Products

Dutch food tech company Vaess and UK company Marlow Ingredients have announced a collaboration that they say will strengthen their global presence to lead the sustainable ingredients industry. The companies, claiming to be the first in the world to develop binding systems for mycoprotein products, will leverage each other’s experience in the field to make high-quality and tasty mycoprotein alternatives. Vaess, previously Vaessen-Schoemaker, uses technology to offer functional ingredients and solutions to drive innovation in food products, including plant-based products for “tomorrow’s trends and today’s needs.” The company has been operating for over 75 years.  Marlow Ingredients is a recently established division of Marlow Foods, the manufacturer of Quorn Foods’ mycoprotein, which commercializes the fermented protein for the F&B industry; both companies operate under the Monde Nissin Corporation. Marlow Ingredients’ first client is Denmark’s Tempty Foods. Joris Hermans, director …