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Loui Blake: “My Belief in This Space Has Never Been Stronger”

London-based Loui Blake is known for is work as an entrepreneur, angel investor and public speaker in the plant-based space. Loui opened the UK’s largest vegan restaurant Erpingham House back in 2018 before going on to co-found pizza kitchen Vegan Dough Co during the pandemic, and most recently was named as new CEO of Miami Foods in May of this year. Loui has been busy since we last spoke three years ago, to say the least. We also heard of some exciting developments on the Miami Foods front, so it was time to catch up with Loui and hear his latest news and insights into plantbased business in 2022. Tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to since we last spoke in 2019. …


Lou Oates of Vegan Dough Co

Lou Oates, image Courtesy of Vegan Dough Co

Gastronomy & Food Service

Vegan Dough Co’s New Menu Launches Today, Created by Chef Lou Oates of Moby’s Little Pine Restaurant

After opening seven delivery kitchens during lockdown, London and Norwich based Vegan Dough Co, founded by Loui Blake, is relaunching and announces a new and head development chef Lou Oates, formerly executive chef at Moby’s Little Pine in Los Angeles, to bring a fresh approach to its menu.


Love Seitan pizza

Image courtesy of LoveSeitan

Products & Launches

LoveSeitan Partners with New London Pizza Chain Vegan Dough Co For the No Meat Beast Pizza

Following the successful collaboration of One Planet Pizza with the Meatless Farm for the UK’s first vegan cheeseburger pizza, LoveSeitan, the UK’s leading manufacturer of seitan products, has announced a new partnership with Vegan Dough Co., a young pizza company headed by Louis Blake, to produce the “No Meat Beast”.