Image courtesy Vegan Fashion Week


Vegan Fashion Week Collaborates With Japan’s Kapok Knot for Unisex Jacket Lined With Tree-Based Down

Vegan Fashion Week (VFW), the world’s leading ethical fashion movement founded in 2019 by ethical fashion expert and creative director Emmanuelle Rienda, announces a collaboration with Japanese fashion brand Kapok Knot on a US Indiegogo campaign for the Vegan Haori Jacket. The unisex garment is insulated with Ethical Down Kapok™, sustainably made from kapok trees and recycled polyester. Billed as the “world’s most comfortable vegan jacket that cuddles you with warmth and coziness”, the jackets are filled with Kapok, a plant-based fiber harvested from kapok trees grown in Indonesia which is said to have a “fill-power” comparable to goose down, but without the abuse of innocent animals – saving approximately 30 geese per jacket. In order to further its mission for the animals, VFW will …