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Vegan Finest Foods: “We Can Change the World Together, One Meal at a Time!”

Netherlands-based Vegan Finest Foods has been on the vegconomist radar since 2020, not least for its Vegan Zeastar brand which entails a large range of plant-based seafood and sushi products that recently launched a compelling line of shrimp products in addition to its Vegan Sashimi, No Tuna and No Salmon. We were well overdue a chat with the company and spoke with Co-founder Rosella D’angeli to hear all about Vegan Finest Foods and its interesting portfolio. “We have big ambitions,” enthuses Rosella. What is the mission of Vegan Finest Foods? At Vegan Finest Foods we create the most tasty and unique vegan and palm oil-free products, so you can indulge yourself in the food you like. At the end of the day we strive for …


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Gastronomy & Food Service

Vegan Zeastar Presents “World’s First” Complete Range of Vegan Sushi & Poke Bowl Products

Shortly after the Netherlands brand launched its Shrimpz Family line of 100% plant-based shrimp, Vegan Zeastar now announces it is to premiere the “world’s first” complete range of vegan sushi and poke bowl products at Amsterdam’s Horecava event next week. At the event, Zeastar’s parent company Vegan Finest Foods will present its 100% plant-based sushi and poke bowl products including PETA award-winning Vegan Sashimis, the new Vegan Shrimpz No Tuna Flakes, Sushi Rollz, Black and Orange Fizz Pearlz and more. The complete range is palm oil free and offers food service companies the components for vegan nigiri, sashimi, uramaki, gunkan, handrolls or poke bowls. Introducing new alt meat brand The company also reveals that it will introduce a new brand of meat alternatives called Beastie …


The Shrimpz Family

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Vegan Zeastar Launches “The Shrimpz Family” Range of Plant-Based Shrimp Products

Vegan Finest Foods of the Netherlands today announces a line of 100% plant-based shrimp entailing three new products under the Vegan Zeastar brand. The Shrimpz Family line will debut with Crispy Chili Shrimpz and Crispy Lemon Shrimpz flavours as well as regular Vegan Shrimpz. The products are based on soy and wheat as primary ingredients. Vegan Zeastar has enjoyed great success in its home market in the Netherlands as well as in the UK, where its vegan cod product launched in 2020, and in Spain where its Vegan Sashimi, No Tuna and No Salmon arrived in Madrid last March. The launch of The Shrimpz Family coincides with increasing awareness of the animal suffering that takes place in industrial shrimp farming, following the Dutch TV series …