Vegan Happy Clothing competition winners

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VEGAN Happy Clothing Announces Winners of 2023 Model Competition Judged by Heather Small

UK fashion brand VEGAN Happy Clothing has revealed the winners of its Face of VEGAN Happy modelling competition for 2023. The competition, which aims to showcase incredible everyday people within the vegan community, received over 700 entries from contestants worldwide. It was judged by soul singer Heather Small, along with VEGAN Happy founder Lorri Delahunty, vegan presenter and entrepreneur Karin Ridgers, Viva! founder Juliet Gellatley, and Vegan Food and Living editor Holly Johnson. There are three categories in the competition, based on age. The winners are: 18-30 — Antonia Jane Whillans from Berkshire and Jack Light from Hertfordshire. 31-50 — Chantelle Leach from Essex and Craig Hooper from Wiltshire. 50+ — Annette Wardell and Prash K, both from London. They will collaborate with VEGAN Happy …