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Vegan Junk Food Bar Enters Germany With Largest Ever Store

On September 1, Dutch chain Vegan Junk Food Bar will open its first German location in the city of Cologne. The 222-seat restaurant will be the chain’s largest to date. For the most part, the menu will be the same as other Vegan Junk Food Bar locations, which serve dishes such as burgers, vegan seafood, and plant-based ribs. However, a new dish — Loaded Fries with Bratwurst — has been introduced especially for the German market. The restaurant is located at Hohenzollernring 21-23, which is on the edge of the old city centre in an area known for its shopping and nightlife. The interior is described as having a “futuristic, fresh, street art vibe”, and at night there will be a bar-like atmosphere with dancing, …