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Earthling Ed Joins abillion as Strategic Advisor

Vikas Garg, founder and CEO of the sustainable e-commerce platform abillion, has announced on social channels that much-loved UK vegan activist and public speaker Ed Winters will join the company as strategic advisor. Ed Winters, AKA Earthling Ed, has an incredible presence with his viral YouTube videos, documentaries, seminars, and Ted Talks. He is also a partner in Unity Diner, London’s 100% vegan diner & cocktail bar. Earlier this year, Earthling Ed launched a brand ethical clothing brand and launched vegan fish & chips shop chain No Catch. Ed is also teaching an animal ethics course on animal farming at Harvard University.# A global movement for social change Vikas Garg founded abillion in 2017 with the aim of helping a billion people to join the plant-based movement by …


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Vegannection on 2019 and the Rise of the Vegan Movement

Here we welcome another in our series of “end of year in vegan business” guest posts, this time from the company Vegannection, which offers a prepaid card as an initiative to encourage consumers to shop in vegan retail stores through the use of cashback and incentives. “As we slowly approach the end of 2019 and take a look back at everything we have gone through, both professionally and personally, let us reflect on just how successful and important 2019 has been. Earlier this year, a study by supermarket chain Sainsbury’s revealed that 91% of UK residents are actively reducing their meat consumption. The Economist reported that a quarter of 25- to 34-year-old Americans now say they are vegetarian or vegan. Furthermore, the new data shows …