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Veganz Group Releases 2023 Annual Report

Veganz Group AG, founded in 2011 in Berlin, with a product portfolio widely available in the DACH region, has published its financial report for 2023. Despite a “struggle with consumers’ purchasing reluctance and the persistently weak economic development in 2023”, the company highlights in its report a 6% growth in its strategic core categories as it responded to the financial climate with plant-based innovations for brands and private labels, cost reductions, and expansion of production facilities, with the acquisition of the brands and production site of fellow German company Happy Cheeze. Notably, in 2023 there were successful innovations including Veganz Bluebert and Veganz Mililk®, a highly sustainable 2D printed oat milk disc product, which recently rolled out into Rewe stores. Optimistic outlook for 2024 Veganz’s …


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Veganz Group in Multi-Year Partnership with Famous German Influencer Gronkh

Veganz Group AG and Gronkh, one of Germany’s largest content creators and influencers, are entering into a multi-year partnership. Gronkh reaches over 4.9 million subscribers across its channels and has now reached more than 3.6 billion views. The Veganz brand, which currently produces oat drinks with Mililk® using the climate-friendly 2D printing process, will work with Gronkh to expand the range to include exclusive and co-branded products. In addition to the printed oat drinks, the current range also includes a Mililk® maker with special blades and a jug for storing the finished product at home. “The enthusiasm for Mililk® continues to grow, in addition to several thousand customers within a very short time, we are now also pleased to bring our delicious alternative and the …


Veganz X Fraunhofer vertical farming

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Veganz Group AG and VeGreat LLC to Launch Vertical Farming Project for Protein Crops in Dubai

A few months ago, the Berlin-based Veganz Group AG acquired the licensing rights for the vertical farming platform technologies OrbiPlan and OrbiLoop from the research organization Fraunhofer Institute IME. These technologies allow the industrial production of food and protein crops under highly efficient indoor conditions anywhere in the world.  Now, the Veganz Group AG and US-based company VeGreat LLC announce OrbiFarm, a joint venture to exploit these vertical farming technologies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. VeGreat LLC recently acquired newly issued shares of the Veganz Group AG, increasing Veganz Group AG’s capital by 10%. “This will make it possible for the first time, anywhere in the world, independent of climate and environmental influences, to realize the production of plant-based alternatives from seed to end product in one hall with maximum efficiency and …