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Plant Innovation Cluster Vegepolys Valley: 679 Members & €2.2 Billion in Investments Since 2019

France’s Vegepolys Valley is the fourth largest competitive cluster in the country in terms of members, with 679 actors from the plant sector — from genetics to products — innovating for a more competitive, qualitative, environmentally, and health-friendly agriculture. Flavie Delattre, the new president of Vegepolys Valley, told La Tribune in an interview that in 2023 alone, the membership count saw a substantial increase with the addition of 130 new players (reaching 645), indicating a genuine commitment to advancing plant-based innovation, even amid challenging circumstances. The cluster’s operations are implemented across four French historical regions — Pays de la Loire, Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Bretagne, and Centre Val de Loire. The members’ profiles are diverse, encompassing a range of plant-related companies, including VSEs/SMEs, startups, large corporations, …