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What Is Stakeholder Engagement and is it Important for Food Systems Shift?

Chief Investment Officer of VegTech Invest, Dr. Sasha Goodman, discusses the firm’s recent white paper, in conjunction with Harvard University students, on Stakeholder Engagement for Plant-based Innovation & Diversified Proteins. Along with host of The Plantbased Business Hour, Elysabeth Alfano, the two discuss the top 5 findings of the white paper and the impact on the diversified proteins sector. Specifically, they discussed What is the new white paper between VegTech™ Invest and Harvard’s Great Food Systems Transformation Course students? What prompted the White Paper on Best Practices for Stakeholder Engagement for Plant-based Innovation and Protein Diversification? Why is Stakeholder Engagement in Plant-based Innovation and Protein Diversification important? Of the 6 case studies in the paper, is there one that particularly stands out for you? What …


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Impact Investment Strategies Unveiled in New GenConnectU Course by VegTech Invest’s Elysabeth Alfano

GenConnectU has recently introduced an on-demand educational offering, “Impact Investing with Plant-based Innovation,” targeted at those interested in sustainable investment practices. The course is led by Elysabeth Alfano, CEO of VegTech Invest, who brings substantial expertise in the plant-based investment sphere. The course curriculum is designed to educate enrollees on how to integrate ethical considerations into their investment choices, specifically focusing on the plant-based innovation sector. It aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate public markets with a sustainability-focused approach. Elysabeth Alfano’s professional background includes a start at The Kellogg Company and various executive roles before transitioning to a focus on sustainability investing and consulting. She has shared her insights on global stages, such as the United Nations and Yale …


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VegTech Invest Engages Companies to Diversify Protein in Public Call to Action

VegTech™ Invest announces its Protein Diversification and Disclosures stakeholder engagement. VegTech™ Invest invests in companies utilizing plant-based Innovation (plant-based foods, cultivated meat, fermented proteins and the supply chains that support them) through their publicly traded ETF. The open-to-the public Protein Diversification and Disclosures initiative encourages companies, including those with emerging plant-based offerings, to advance and grow their plant-centric portfolio of products, enhancing biodiversity and financial resilience.  It also advocates for enhanced transparency from all companies, including those already fully dedicated to plant-based products, to make protein diversification disclosures in line with the FAIRR and GFI framework.  This will communicate to a wider audience the sustainable impact of plant-based Innovation proteins. Protein Diversification for Biodiversity and Financial Resilience By focusing on a diverse group of companies, …


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2024 Predictions: Investing in Food System Transformation is Here

Here, Elysabeth Alfano and Dr. Sasha Goodman of VegTech Invest give their predictions for 2024. “I do believe that plant-based and alternative proteins are in the right place at the right time! 2023 was such an odd year, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, at least as it pertains to investing in food systems transformation,” says Elysabeth. Predictions from VegTech Invest Chief Investment Officer, Dr. Sasha Goodman Continued Surge in Health-Conscious Consumer Spending in Plant-based Foods: The Plant-based Innovation sector is poised for substantial revenue growth in 2024, fueled by an expanding health-conscious consumer base. This trend, as seen in companies like Dole plc with a 42.9% sales increase and Vita Coco and Ingredion Incorporated’s strong earnings, reflects a …


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Upside & Impact: Investing for Change Podcast Launches on ETF

VegTech™ Invest announces that The Upside & Impact: Investing For Change podcast, hosted by CEO Elysabeth Alfano, is now available on, a destination website and platform for ETF investors and practitioners operated by Trackinsight and the New York Stock Exchange. The podcast airs twice monthly, every other Wednesday, and is produced by VegTech™ Invest, a Registered Investment Advisor focused on investing in public companies innovating for sustainable food systems transformation throughout the supply chain. On the podcast, Elysabeth dives deep with leaders in the impact investing space to uncover the potential financial upside and long-term impact of investing in sustainable sectors like alternative energy, transportation, building materials, biodiversity and natural-based solutions, and sustainable food systems transformation. Topics will range from protecting biodiversity and natural …




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Signs of S-Curve Adoption in the Alt-Protein Sector

The way we produce and enjoy food is undergoing a significant transformation, in large part due to plant-based innovation and alternative proteins. Plant-based alternatives are predicted to become more cost-competitive with meat and dairy options around 2025-2027, leading to a major ‘tipping point’ in consumer adoption by 2030-2035. These predictions come both from the work and research of industry experts, like Catherine Tubb of Synthesis Capital, and from companies like Beyond Meat, who are setting goals to underprice beef by 2024. VegTech Invest explains how this trend is set to make a big impact based on the concept of the ‘S-Curve’ adoption model, which when applied in this context describes the gradual but powerful uptake of plant-based innovation and alt-proteins. The driving force behind this …


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VegTech Invest Hosts Free Impact Investing Webinar for Vegans

VegTech Invest has announced that it will be hosting a free one-hour impact investing webinar aimed at vegans, which will take place this Thursday (August 24) at 1pm ET. CEO Elysabeth Alfano and Chief Investment Officer Dr. Sasha Goodman will host the webinar, covering topics such as: What is impact investing in the public markets? How can we impact invest for animals?  What is liquidity? What is diversification? What is risk management? Why are these things important to incorporate into our investing goals?  What happened to the Beyond Meat and Oatly stocks?  What should a vegan impact investor be wary of?  “Utilizing investment dollars strategically” VegTech Invest is a Registered Investment Advisory that has created a completely new impact asset class in the capital markets — Plant-based …


Dave Brett Wasser Joins VegTech Leadership Council

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Notable Investor Dave Brett Wasser Joins VegTech Invest Thought Leadership Council

VegTech™ Invest announces influential investor Dave Brett Wasser is joining the VegTech™ Invest Thought Leadership Council. As the newest Advisor to the Council, Wasser will share his knowledge alongside six other renowned experts, including Princeton Ethics Professor Peter Singer, in the areas of Ethics, Environmental Justice, Alternatives Investing, Product Brand Strategy, Next Gen Leadership and Health.   Wasser’s previous accomplishments include Cruelty-Free Investing, a website that helps users align investments with their values by indexing companies that do or do not exploit animals.  “President Dr. Sasha Goodman and I have our heads down in the markets, focusing on investing in a sustainable transition of the global food system,” says VegTech Invest CEO Elysabeth Alfano. “We want to surround ourselves with experts who can brief us …


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VegTech and EATV Receive ‘Groundbreaking’ Carbon Neutral Certification Without Buying Credits

VegTech Invest Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF (NYSE: EATV) announces it has received what it calls groundbreaking certification from climate services firm Ethos ESG. The certification awarded to EATV, Carbon Neutral Without Buying Credits, is reportedly the first such recognition from Ethos.  According to VegTech, while most of Ethos’ Carbon Neutral Certifications compare the carbon footprint of a portfolio with purchased offsets, the Plant-based Innovation Certification promoted by EATV considers carbon emissions avoided by replacing animal products with a less carbon-intensive food and materials supply chain.  This means investments made by EATV are proactively helping to reduce carbon emissions – by avoiding the creation of emissions – rather than using offsets as a “band-aid” solution.   “Offsets are really important for mitigating global warming, but it …