Vollagen alternative to marine collagen

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World Ocean Day: Vollagen Develops Vegan Alternative to Marine Collagen Supplements

On World Ocean Day, UK brand Vollagen has highlighted its plant-based alternative to marine collagen supplements, made through a proprietary fermentation process using non-GMO corn. Vollagen contains the same 16 amino acids found in human collagen, at similar levels and in an easily absorbed format. Consumer tests have reportedly found comparable results to animal-based collagen supplements, with skin becoming firmer and smoother. Participants said they would be happy to buy and recommend the supplements, finding them effective and easy to swallow. While companies such as Aleph Farms and Avant have developed cultivated collagen made from animal cells, Vollagen provides an alternative that is entirely animal-free and vegan. Environmental impact Collagen is typically derived from the skin and bones of fish or cows. While it is …