von Holzhausen introduces Replant Leather, a sustainable animal-free material made from agricultural waste

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Replant: Carbon Negative Premium Alt Leather from Agricultural Waste

Sustainable materials brand von Holzhausen introduces Replant Leather, a plastic and animal-free material made from repurposed agricultural fibers — a routinely burned waste that releases CO2 and toxins into the soil.  von Holzhausen claims that Replant Leather comprises 60% of these waste fibers. The agricultural waste fibers used start with a negative carbon footprint, use zero gases or petrochemicals in the process, and are traceable to the source.  “Replant is an ultra-premium, high-performance material that revolutionizes the way we think about agricultural waste,” says von Holzhausen. A unique and highly tactile feel Besides its sustainability claims, Replant Leather offers an ultra-premium, high-performance alternative to leather. “Boasting a unique and highly tactile feel” has multiple applications for the fashion, furniture, and sports industries. According to von Holzhausen, Replant’s smooth material …


Vegan Plastic-Free Topcoats

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Von Holzhausen Launches First 100% Plant-Based Topcoat to Replace Plastic Finishes in Alt-Leather

Sustainable materials brand von Holzhausen announces the introduction of Liquidplant™, a 100% plant-based and plastic-free topcoat to replace petroleum-based polyurethane. Under development for 2.5 years, LiquidPlant is described as a first-of-its-kind innovation that can replace plastic topcoats in a wide range of materials, including traditional and synthetic leather, paper, wood, plastic and fabric. A global problem According to the brand, both the animal and synthetic leather industries rely on plastic topcoats for a durable and long-lasting finish. However, petroleum-based topcoats – which represent a $1 trillion global industry – pollute landfills, take centuries to break down and release harmful microplastics into the environment.  Made from corn sugar, castor oil and flaxseed oil, LiquidPlant is said to offer a fully plant-based, durable topcoat technology. The product …


Tesla Plaid S in grey tune-up with vegan red leather seats

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von Holzhausen’s Vegan Bamboo Leather Upgrades Tesla Interior

High-tech plant-based material company von Holzhausen and Unplugged Performance, a Tesla-specialist tuning shop, are partnering on a unique Tesla Plaid S tune-up that will showcase at the Petersen Automotive Museum in California.  Both companies work in Los Angeles, upgrading Tesla’s vehicles to improve their performance and features. von Holzhausen replaces the leather and plastic materials used for the car’s interiors with its negative carbon fabrics made from plants.  For this Tesla Plaid S tune-up, the seating upholstery and other interior elements will feature von Holzhausen’s Banbū Leather in “an exclusive rich red shade called Serrano, inspired by speed with a classic automotive appeal.”  Luxury without compromise  Crafted from bamboo, von Holzhausen’s animal and petroleum-free leather shifts the automotive industry’s favoritism for animal leather to guilt-free, sustainable luxury …