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WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS: “Plant-Based Products Represent One of the Fastest Growing Segments Within the Food Industry”

Using advanced biotech processes, WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS, the life-science division at WACKER, provides tailored, innovative solutions and products to the life-science sector – including pharmaceutical proteins, cyclodextrins, and fermentation-generated cysteine. The division focuses on developing customized solutions for growth sectors, such as food ingredients, pharmaceutical actives, and agrochemicals. Alessandro Capuani is the technical sales manager in the WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS division, responsible for the EMEA region. Wacker offers ingredients for a wide range of plant-based foods. How important are plant-based products for Wacker? Plant-based products are quite important to us since they represent one of the fastest-growing segments within the food industry. Every food company is trying to develop new plant-based foods and to do so they are looking for ingredients coming from renewable sources such as …


Cultivated Beef Steak

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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Aleph Farms Partners With WACKER to Make Affordable Cell Growth Media Widely Available

Aleph Farms has announced a partnership with protein production technologies supplier WACKER to develop affordable cell growth media for cultivated meat production. The partnership will streamline the production processes for growth medium proteins in order to bring down costs. The proteins produced will be animal-free, acting as a substitute for the fetal bovine serum (FBS) currently most commonly used in the sector. FBS is extremely expensive, accounting for the majority of the cost of cultivated meat, and often has issues with contamination and variable quality. Non exclusive agreement Perhaps most importantly, the new agreement will be non-exclusive, meaning other cultivated meat companies will also be able to access the affordable cell growth media. This could make it possible to bring down costs across the board, …




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WACKER Presents Solutions for Vegan Food at Food Ingredients Europe

At Food Ingredients (FI) Europe 2019, WACKER is presenting innovative solutions for vegan food. The Munich-based group is helping the food industry develop products that serve the growing market for vegan food. You can visit WACKER at Booth 7G27 in Hall 7 – and today, December 4, 3:40 p.m. local time, Dr. Ulrike Fischer-Nägele will be holding a 25-minute presentation: “Start Your Next Generation Product: Innovative Food Solutions with Cyclodextrins.” The company’s alpha-dextrin, marketed under the brand CAVAMAX® W6, is used as a substitute for eggs in fine baked goods, thereby enabling vegan recipes. Its FERMOPURE® vegan cysteine is an ideal raw material for flavors, particularly savory flavors, as well as for use in bakery applications. Consumers want healthy, sustainably manufactured products with no ethical …