Dutch brands make half of recipes on packaging meat-free

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Seven Dutch Brands Agree to Make 50% of Recipes on Their Packaging Meat-Free

Following campaigning by animal rights group Wakker Dier, seven brands in the Netherlands — Conimex, Fairtrade Original, Jumbo, Knorr, Koh Tai, Patak’s, and Plus — have agreed to make 50% of the suggested recipes on their product packaging meat-free. Another two major brands — Grand’Italia and Lassie — already feature 50% vegetarian or vegan recipes, while Albert Heijn and Maggi have pledged to add plant-based tips to their packaging but not to remove meat from half of recipes. Just one of the brands approached, Honig, said it would not make any changes. After analysing 657 recipes on product packaging, Wakker Dier found that over 80% currently feature meat or fish. The group points out that the Health Council of the Netherlands recommends eating 60% plant-based …


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Six More Dutch Corporate Caterers Commit to Selling 60% Plant Proteins by 2030

Dutch animal rights group Wakker Dier has announced it is partnering with six corporate caterers — Albron, Cirfood, Compass Group, Food&I, Holie Pizza, and Vermaat Group — to help them sell a higher proportion of plant proteins. As part of the collaboration, the companies are committing to three goals: Monitoring their protein sales, including the ratio of animal to plant proteins sold, from this year onwards. The results must be published publically at least annually. Selling at least 50% plant proteins by 2025, with no increase in total protein sales. By 2030, the target for plant protein sales will increase to 60%, again with no corresponding rise in total protein sales. Ten other Dutch caterers — Appèl, Cater Concept, Hospitalents, Hutten, Markies Catering, Rootz Kitchen, …


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Ten Dutch Caterers Commit to Selling 60% Plant-Based Proteins by 2030

Ten Dutch corporate caterers have joined forces with animal welfare organisation Wakker Dier to increase the proportion of plant-based proteins they sell. The companies — Appèl, Cater Concept, Hospitalents, Hutten, Markies Catering, Rootz Kitchen, SAB, Van Leeuwen Catering, Vitam, and Zo-vital — have committed to the objective of making 50% of the proteins they sell plant-based by 2025. By 2030, this figure will rise to 60%. The ratio of animal to plant-based proteins sold each year will be monitored and publicly reported. Currently, just 40% of the protein consumed in the Netherlands is estimated to come from plant sources. The country’s government has pledged to increase this to 50% by 2030, lower than the target set by Wakker Dier. Majority plant-based Support for plant-based diets …