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How Whipped, the World’s First Oat Milk Ice Cream Shop, is Taking New York City by Storm

The world is filled with ice cream shops, but while the majority rely on dairy products, and a growing number use plant-based ice creams made from almonds, coconuts and cashews, only one shop has seized on the oat milk mega trend to bring a whole new kind of soft serve to market.  Whipped Urban Dessert Lab, based in New York City, is a revolutionary ice cream shop billed as the world’s first to solely feature oat milk-based soft serve. Known for its artisan, decadently-topped “ice crème” cups and cones, Whipped has become a viral sensation, attracting legions of fans willing to wait on hour-long lines that stretch outside its Lower Manhattan shop.  Founded in 2019, Whipped was created to offer a better ice cream experience …


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