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Whole30 Launches First Plant-Based Whole30, a Comprehensive Vegan Protocol

Whole30, a leading wellness brand, announces the launch of Plant-Based Whole30 – the company’s first vegan health reset program. Modeled on the Original Whole30 plan, the new program focuses on using plant-based proteins to achieve the benefits of the hugely popular Whole30 diet regimen.  Founded in 2009, Whole30 offers a structured food elimination and reintroduction plan centered around eating whole, unprocessed foods. Until recently, the program relied exclusively on meat and animal products as protein sources, rendering it impractical for vegan and vegetarian users.  On the new Plant-Based Whole30, participants avoid consuming alcohol, added sugars, grains, meat and animal fat during the 30-day elimination phase. Following that phase, participants begin to gradually reintroduce omitted food groups, one by one, to determine the body’s reaction to …


Abbots Butcher Plant-Based meats

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Abbot’s Butcher Selected as First Whole30 Approved Plant-Based Meat

Abbot’s Butcher, a leader in clean-label plant-based beef, chicken, and chorizo, announced the brand has become the first Whole30 Certified plant-based meat.  Whole30 is a popular health program that promotes eliminating certain foods – including dairy, added sugar, and grains – thought to contribute to inflammation and other chronic health issues. The Whole30 Approved label recognizes products that meet the organization’s strict standards for minimally-processed, nutritious foods made without synthetic chemicals.  Containing only pea protein, olive oil, vinegar, herbs, and spices, Abbot Butcher’s Ground “Beef” and Pork “Chorizo” became the first animal-free meat products to fully satisfy all of the program’s requirements.  Founded in Southern California in 2017, Abbot’s Butcher aims to lead the “next generation” of plant-based meats – products crafted from simple and …