Steakholder Foods and Wyler Farms, Israel's leading tofu producer, have partnered to produce 3D printed plant-based beef steaks.

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Steakholder Foods and Wyler Farms Partner to Launch 3D Printed Plant-Based Beef Steaks at Industrial Scale

Israeli bioprinting technology expert Steakholder Foods (Nasdaq: STKH) and Wyler Farms, Israel’s leading tofu producer, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to use industrial-scale 3D printing technology to produce 3D printed plant-based beef steaks. As part of the agreement, Wyler Farms will acquire Steakholder Foods’ 3D Fusion Pro meat printer and a subscription to the SH Software and NutriBlend ink designed explicitly for plant-based meat.  The deal, valued at millions of dollars over the coming years, represents Steakholder Foods’ first commercial partnership in the private sector. The completion of the Fusion Pro 3D printer installation is anticipated to fall between Q4 2024 and Q1 2025, according to the announcement. Arik Kaufman, CEO of Steakholder Foods, comments: “We’re not just showcasing our technology’s potential – we’re …