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Pet Food Expert Yarrah Receives B Corp Certification

Since its foundation over 25 years ago, Yarrah has been committed to protecting the environment, treating its employees well, and responsibly selecting the ingredients used in its dog and cat foods. This commitment has now been recognized by B Corp, a global movement of more than 2600 companies dedicated to making the world a better place. Yarrah has long offered an increasing number of vegan pet food alternatives, using soy as the main source of protein.


Interview with Elise Ziere, Marketing Manager at Yarrah


Yarrah: “We Want to Contribute to Making the World a Better Place for Animals”

Elise Ziere, Marketing Manager at Yarrah
Elise Ziere, Marketing Manager at Yarrah

Founded in 1992 out of disaffection with the abuses that take place in the pet food market, the Dutch company Yarrah offers organic food for cats and dogs which is natural, sustainable, contains only carefully-sourced ingredients and does not involve any animal testing.


Yarrah vegetarian dog food


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Yarrah Launches Wheat Free Vegan Dog Food

Yarrah is the first pet food producer in the Netherlands whose product range is entirely organic, and it has been producing dog and cat food since 1992. Three years after the company was founded, they introduced a vegan range in both wet and dry food for dogs. Yarrah says that currently they see more and more vegetarians and vegans making the choice to feed their dogs with a meat free diet.