Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio has raised venture capital funding to develop further its predictive model or "scale-up algorithm" for cultivated meat.

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Cultivated Meat

Are US Consumers Beginning to Accept Cultivated Meat?

Recent studies tracking US consumer attitudes toward cultivated meat have found a relatively positive outlook for a product yet to be available for mass consumption. A YouGov survey of 9,272 US adults conducted in May 2024 revealed only 50% of the participants preferred to eat animal meat when asked to choose between traditional and lab-grown meat, assuming it was identical to meat. Interestingly, 14% responded that they wouldn’t eat either. This 50% preference for animal meat was consistent across various categories — region, gender, politics, age, and race — with only slight variations. The most significant divergence was political: 68% of Republicans preferred animal meat over lab-grown meat. The survey questioned whether participants would consider trying meat made in a laboratory instead of animal or …


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Studies & Numbers

Veganuary India to See Record Participation as 59% of Indians Consider a Vegan Diet

Veganuary India is expecting a record number of participants in its 2024 campaign, after a YouGov survey revealed that 59% of Indians are likely to consider a vegan diet in the near future. 74% of respondents believed a vegan diet was healthy, 72% said it was good for the environment, and 73% thought that it helped to stop animal exploitation. 62% said they thought the vegan lifestyle was easy to maintain, while 61% believed there were enough vegan food choices. 55% said that the diet does not mean compromising on taste. India has a long-running tradition of vegetarianism for religious reasons, and this was evident in the survey responses. Almost 70% of participants said they believed the country’s vegetarian traditions could help to fuel the …


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Market & Trends

19% of Australians Embrace Flexitarian Diets, Taste Top Priority for Omnivores, Reveals New Study

The latest research by the polling institute YouGov shows that 19% of Australians consider themselves flexitarians, eating primarily plant-based foods and occasionally meat and fish. Additionally, across all the Australian states, the flexitarian diet was the most popular choice after a standard omnivorous diet.  The poll also shows that 6% of consumers have adopted a vegetarian or vegan diet, driven mainly by young consumers. Notably, this trend is significantly more prevalent in Victoria, where one in ten consumers have adopted a plant-based diet, according to the authors. The data also reveals that a lower percentage of Gen Z and Baby Boomers identified as flexitarians, with only 12%, compared to Millennials and Gen X, who were approximately 25%. Meanwhile, Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to adopt an entirely vegetarian …