Yumasoy Gina Arsens

Gina Arsens - Courtesy of Yumasoy


Yumasoy: “I Embarked on a Mission to Put the Plant Back in Plant-Based Food”

Yumasoy is a Vancouver-based startup specializing in plant-based chicken alternatives called Om Noms. Led by founder Gina Arsens, previously CFO at Digital Supercluster, Yumasoy was established to improve the plant-based meal experience with products that are nutritious, convenient, and taste good. The company’s flagship product, Om Noms, is a line of chicken-style strips made with whole soybeans. In this interview with vegconomist, Arsens details the founding principles of Yumasoy, the development of Om Noms, and the company’s commitment to sustainability. She also discusses partnerships in the foodservice industry, and plans for expansion and product development. Can you give us an intro to Yumasoy and what inspired the company’s creation? When my family decided to increase the number of plant-based meals, I found the experience of …