Crispy seaweed sticks made from French seaweed


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ZALG Launches Crispy Seaweed Sticks Made From Locally Grown French Seaweed

ZALG, a French producer of algae-based food innovations, has launched a new product — crispy seaweed sticks. Based in Brittany, ZALG uses locally-grown seaweed and macroalgae to develop sustainable, healthy plant-based foods. The seaweed sticks consist of a light sea vegetable filling surrounded by a thin layer of crispy breadcrumbs, with two flavours available — lemon zest and onion. Intended for food service professionals, the crispy seaweed sticks can be prepared in a fryer in just 90 seconds. Suggested applications include sharing boards, sandwiches, and wraps. “We are creating a new realm of possibilities in the use of seaweed in cooking to meet the current demands for a healthy, delicious, and sustainable diet,” said Tanguy Gestin, co-founder of ZALG. “French culinary heritage” ZALG was founded …