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Making Food with Microbes: Precision Fermentation Market to Reach $34.9 billion by 2031

Growing investments in precision fermentation and the increasing demand and preference for animal-free dairy, meat, and ingredients are contributing to the growth (reported to be at an incredible CAGR of 40.5%) and expansion of this technology into the F&B, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. The reason for the excitement toward this technology is its potential to produce superior-quality proteins at a lower cost compared to animal-based alternatives. It allows the development of animal-free versions of cheese, ice cream, honey, meat, and other well-loved foods, attracting interest from investors and entrepreneurs. Additionally, precision fermentation could minimize the environmental impact of food and ingredients production, as it reduces animal farming and its carbon footprint, helping to fight the climate crisis. Moreover, since it’s an indoor method, it eliminates …


Zero Cow Factory founders developing animal-free casein

Image courtesy of Zero Farm Factory

Investments & Finance

Zero Cow Factory Secures $4M for India’s First Animal-Free Casein 

Zero Cow Factory, an Indian biotechnology startup producing precision fermentation proteins, has announced a $4 million seed round raised to produce animal-free casein at a commercial scale. The round was co-led by Green Frontier Capital, GVFL, and pi Ventures, with participation from Pascual Innoventures, the investment arm of a leading Spanish dairy group Pascual.  In 2021, Sohil and Parini Kapadia established Zero Cow Factory in Surat to revolutionize the dairy industry with sustainable products. “We are developing a technology to reproduce milk proteins to craft real dairy products that are ethical, safe, delicious, and identical to cow milk but without any animal involved,” said Parini, who is also the company’s CSO.  Disrupting the dairy industry The biotech claims it has developed a patented technology to produce animal-free whey …