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Investments & Acquisitions

Canada: Odd Burger Continues Growth With Plans to Acquire Zoglo’s Food Corp

Odd Burger Corporation recently signed a non-binding LoI with Zoglo’s Food Corp, a private plant-based food company operational for 25 years with a retail footprint of over 700 locations, to acquire 100% of its issued and outstanding common shares and combine the businesses. Odd Burger is poised to gain access to Zoglo’s’ food manufacturing network in both North America and Europe, which will bring benefits as it scales international operations. In December 2022, the Canadian vegan fast food chain announced plans to develop up to 50 new locations in the state of Florida and in the DACH region of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Zoglos products are largely available in ethnic and kosher sections of supermarkets and can also be found in the US and Europe. …


Sweet & Sour Zoglo's

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Products & Launches

Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp Launches 12 New Products For Canadian Market

Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp. announces the introduction of 12 new plant-based food products from its Incredible™ product line into the Canadian retail market, including shawarma, meatballs, chicken tenders and strips. Zoglo’s Incredible Food Corp. is a private plant-based food company based in Toronto which offers plant-based appetizers, veggies, and meat substitutes made with Non-GMO Soy or Non-GMO beans such as peas, fava beans and mung beans. Over the past 25 years, its products have been in distribution in over 700 retail stores across Canada including Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sobeys and Loblaws, and has representation in the United States and Europe. “We are very pleased to be expanding our product line in Canada and look forward to Zoglo’s continuing to penetrate the market and becoming …