Saveggy Raises €1.76M for Edible Fruit & Veg Coating as Solution to Plastic Packaging

Swedish startup Saveggy has raised €1.76 million (SEK 20M) for its plant-based alternative to plastic packaging designed to preserve the shelf life of vegetables and fruits and prevent food waste. 

The startup’s plant-based coating is said to be the only alternative available offering the same shelf life extension as plastic packaging. Additionally, it is the only edible coating for fruits and vegetables with edible skin, such as cucumbers, apples, and eggplants, approved according to EU regulations.

“We strive to ensure that access to fresh fruit and vegetables does not come at the expense of the well-being of people and our planet”

Starting with a solution for cucumbers, Saveggy will use the newly raised funds to produce this innovative material at an industrial scale and successfully bring it to market

The round was led by impact investor Unconventional Ventures. LRF Ventures, Almi Invest GreenTech, and industry angels also backed the startup’s plastic-free and food waste efforts.

“We are delighted to have assembled a team of investors focused on making a difference who share our mission of ‘Helping the world waste less.’ We strive to ensure that access to fresh fruit and vegetables does not come at the expense of the well-being of people and our planet as a whole, ” CEO Arash Fayyazi commented.

Saveggy's plant-based coat on cucumbers
© Saveggy

Made with canola and oats

Founded in 2020 by Fayyazi and Vahid Sohrabpour, Saveggy aims to reduce plastic pollution and food waste. According to the company, 45% of fruits and vegetables are wasted globally. 

Fruits and vegetables spoil quickly. To combat this issue, producers wrap them in plastic to extend their shelf life and reduce food wastage. However, this practice contributes to plastic pollution, and microplastic contamination in produce has become a concern.

Offering a solution, Saveggy’s thin and invisible layer, made using plant-based sources such as canola and oats, acts as a protective shield. It prevents moisture loss, slows down oxidation, and also helps retain the firmness and appeal of the product, ensuring a longer shelf life.

Moreover, the innovation can be seamlessly incorporated into agricultural production since it can be easily applied by dipping or spraying after harvest.

“We create solutions that extend the freshness of vegetables and fruits. This isn’t just about prolonging shelf life. It’s about acknowledging the value of food and the resources that go into producing it,” states the company on its website.

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