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EroFame: Vegan Products at the Trade Fair for Erotic Lifestyle

On 3 – 5 October, the Erofame trade fair for erotic lifestyle products will take place in Hanover. Lube gels, condoms, massage oils and various sex toys will be presented on the exhibition stands at the Expo grounds in Hanover in Hall 2 by exhibitors from all over the world. vegconomist contacted the organizers and some exhibitors in advance to find out how veganism influences the erotic lifestyle.


Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods

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Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods Awarded UN’s Champions of the Earth Award

On the 26th September, The UN announced the winners of their Champions of the Earth Awards, which is their highest environmental honor, presented to six outstanding environmental changemakers whose achievements are recognised in categories including Policy Leadership, Entrepreneurial Vision, Science and Innovation, Inspiration and Action, and Lifetime Achievement.


Fry's Satay Skewers

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Fry Family Food: New Vegan Range in 500 Sainsbury’s Stores

The Fry Family Food Co. are vegan food manufacturers founded in 1991 South Africa, and popular throughout Europe, Australia, UK, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore and several countries around the southern hemisphere. After recent company growth and expansion into the US, they have now announced the launch of a chilled meat-alternatives line which will be stocked in UK Sainsbury’s stores. The new products include artisan southern-style tenders, chicken-style strips, chargrilled beef-style strips, hearty steak & ale country pie, spicy three bean pasty, artisan chickpea and roasted butternut balls and sausage rolls, and will be available in over 500 Sainsbury’s stores from 10th October. There will be a frozen range launched a month later, to continue their expansion into UK retail. Tammy Fry, international marketing director …


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The Hindu American Foundation: 30% of All Food Should be Vegan

The Hindu American Foundation is the largest nonprofit organization representing Hindu interests in the United States. The food served at its events is all vegetarian and lactose-free. As part of its “Living The Change – sustainable living” campaign, the non-profit organization now wants to strengthen its commitment to a more environmentally-friendly diet and a more sustainable lifestyle. It has announced that 30 percent of all food at its events from 2019 onwards will be vegan. “What is becoming increasingly clear when you look at our dietary choices through an environmental lens is that although a vegetarian diet itself is much less of a burden on our planet than a meat-heavy standard American diet, a vegan diet can further reduce our environmental impact. In this way, …


Maple Leaf Foods

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Company News

Maple Leaf Foods Predicts the Future Lies in Plant-Based Alternatives

The major Canadian food producer Maple Leaf Foods, like many of its competitors, is increasingly offering plant-based alternatives, and sees great growth potential in this sector. The company’s goal is to become a dominant supplier in the plant-based food industry. For example, Maple Leaf recently acquired the American brand Lightlife, which offers a wide range of alternative plant-based products and has recorded double-digit growth rates in recent years, as company president Dan Curtin revealed. “There are the hardcore vegans and the hardcore vegetarians, but we are seeing more and more flexitarians and reducers looking for plant-based options,” he said. Consumers want to protect the environment and animals, and prefer a healthy diet. As a result, they are increasingly turning to plant-based meat alternatives. The American …


vegan jerky

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Products & Launches

Giorgio Foods Launch Vegan Jerky

The market for vegan jerky is a relatively new one, which is already showing a great deal of growth and potential. Brands already available and doing well include Louisville, Primal Street, Watermelon Road, Pan’s Mushroom Jerky, Herbivorous Butcher, and Unisoy. Another contender is the mushroom specialist  Giorgio Foods, whose line of vegan jerky went to retail this summer.


Ruskin Design-vegan-interior1

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Products & Launches

First Vegan Interior Designed for Landrover

Ruskin Design Limited, specialists in bespoke handcrafted car upholstery, recently completed their first vegan friendly interior refit. The Leicester based firm worked together with synthetic leather manufacturers Ultrafabrics, to create a completely vegan interior, commissioned by Bradley Keenan [LinkedIn login necessary]to design and fit a stylish interior to his Land Rover Defender 110.


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Veganz Expands into China

Veganz, the German market leader in vegan food, is making good progress with its internationalization. Twenty selected products from the vegan pioneer are now available on Xiaohongshu, China’s largest social e-commerce platform with 100 million users. “The Xiaohongshu social selling platform, which is aimed at women between the ages of 18 and 35, is tailored to our target group. In our branded flagship store and in the vegan community on WeChat, our products have been making a promising impact since August of this year,” said Jan Bredack, founder of Veganz. In October, Veganz will expand its reach to JingDong, the country’s second-largest e-commerce platform. A market study by Euromonitor has examined the global trend towards meat-free consumption in China. The vegan food market in China …


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Startups, Accelerators & Incubators

New Age Meats: First Taste Test of Lab-Grown Pork Sausages

The US-based start-up New Age Meats, which is only a few months old, specializes in the research and development of cultured meat (Clean Meat). The new company from San Francisco is a member of IndieBio’s Accelerator Program, and has already been granted $250,000 in financial capital. The start-up’s aim is to counter traditional animal agriculture with innovative and slaughter-free cultivated products. Only recently, a few people were invited to taste test the laboratory-grown “Farm-Free” pork sausage. They were offered three different types of sausage, made from pig cells grown in the laboratory. The reporter Erin Brodwin from Business Insider reported on the laboratory-grown sausages: “It tasted like meat. On the other hand, it is meat. The texture was clearly sausage-like. After chewing my bite, I …



Company News

New Zealand: Vegan-friendly, Ethical Investment Management

Pathfinder Asset Management are specialists in responsible investment and deal with ethical firms such as green energy, sustainable products, recycling, and efficient energy. Their clients are people who want to steer clear of funding areas like weapons, coal, pornography, and gambling. Now Pathfinder are taking their ethical stance one step further and are also screening out companies who have involvement with animal testing or any animal welfare issues.


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Dominos Trials Vegan Pizza

Pizza delivery giant Dominos has confirmed that they are trialling 100 percent plant-based pizza at a number of unannounced locations. If the trials are successful and feedback positive, it is hoped that they will launch nationwide.


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Market & Trends

Market Report: The Tempeh Market

A recent market research report by Persistence Market Research examines the global market for tempeh in the forecast period 2018-2026, according to which the tempeh market will continue to expand at a robust annual growth rate of around 6.1%. The report contains a wealth of detailed information on the current market situation and expected future trends in individual segments. Tempeh is particularly popular as a nutrient-rich meat alternative, and is experiencing increasing demand as a result of current plant-based movements. Another key factor driving the market is growing consumer awareness and sensitivity to animal cruelty and welfare. The study includes a thorough analysis of the key market dynamics in this area, and according to the report, demand for tempeh is being strongly driven by the …