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Mann im Anzug mit Boxhandschuhen – der Kampf um die Produktbezeichnun Fleisch für Fleischalternativen

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The Fight for Meat-Free Meat Has Begun

Worldwide, the consumption of purely plant-based foods is increasing, and with it the competition between various suppliers in the food industry. As a result of this change, there are increasing complaints from the meat industry about misleading product names and distortions by suppliers of animal-free meat products. The fight for meat-free meat has begun.


REBBL adaptogene vegane Getränke auf braunem Tisch umringt von Zutaten

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Products & Launches

REBBL: Functional Drink Combats Human Trafficking in the Rainforest

REBBL’s beverages are made exclusively from vegan ingredients and contain active plant-derived substances – so-called adaptogens – which help the organism to stay calm in times of increased physical and emotional stress. The beverages are a newcomer to the market and could be in particular demand from consumers with stress-related conditions such as exhaustion or overload. The special thing about adaptogens is that they only become active in times of acute stress.


Holland & Barrett superstore



Holland & Barrett Plans Vegan Superstores

The British food retailer Holland & Barrett has confirmed that it is planning a fully vegan superstore in the near future. Although the company’s focus has so far been on healthy food products, the growing demand from consumers for plant-based foods will now be taken further.


Olaf Schmidt – Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies Messe Frankfurt

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Ethical Fashion Show: Vegan Labels are on the Increase

The fashion world is generally said to be short-lived and fast-paced, at least when it comes to trends. However, long-lasting vegan fashion is desirable when it comes to living consciously and conserving resources. We interviewed Olaf Schmidt – Vice President of Textiles & Textile Technologies – about the Ethical Fashion Show, the sustainability trend and upcoming developments in the fashion industry.