Dawn Carr, PETA

Dawn Carr, PETA


PETA: “Restaurants and Retailers are Scrambling to Meet the Growing Demand for Plant-Based Food”

Last week, PETA UK released a manual for “veganising” food, in order to help restaurants and retail outlets who are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming demand for plant-based products. We spoke with Dawn Carr, Director of Vegan Corporate Projects, regarding PETA’s new manual and the increasing demand on the plant-based market.

Products & Launches

Vegan Tuna Alternative TUNO Arrives in UK

Atlantic Natural Foods and Worldwide Food Associates have announced the launch of its plant-based seafood alternative, TUNO, at the Natural and Organic Products Europe (NOPE) trade show in London 7-8th April 2019. TUNO is part of the Loma Linda brand; established 1890 in the US, Loma Linda is available in over 6,000 retailer outlets across the USA, and is now set to launch its products in the UK.

Geri Mileva

Guest writer Geri Mileva

Market & Trends

Here’s Why You Should Invest in the Vegan Market in 2019

Guest post from freelancer writer Gergana Mileva. Veganism’s surging popularity is now a global phenomenon. Big chains such as Marks & Spencer, Pret a Manger, and Pizza Hut are introducing a wide range of vegan options to their loyal patrons. Others are taking the plunge into veganism. Guinness, for example, decided to stop using fish bladders in their brewing process, after two and a half centuries of carrying out this practice.


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What Exactly is Freeganism?

A recent United Nations report has revealed the shocking figures around global food waste, with up to one third of all the food in the world being lost or wasted. Rightly, some people are taking individual action against such a wasteful system, part of a movement known as Freeganism.

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Products & Launches

Otsuka Foods Launches Zero Meat in Japan

Japanese producer Otsuka Foods has entered the plant-based meat substitute market with a line of burgers, with promises of more to come. The range, named Zero Meat, aims to tap into the growing number of consumers in Japan turning to vegan and vegetarian diets.