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Cultivated Meat

Guest Post: Vegans – Beware the Great Cultivated Meat Swindle

Which? revealed in March this year that it had uncovered meat labelled as ‘British’ in supermarkets which was actually from South America. In 2014 Which? discovered that over a third of the 60 lamb curries and kebabs they bought in London and Birmingham contained other meats. Remember the scandal of 2013 where meat sold as beef contained 29% horse meat? And also, in fish and chip shops,  a 2021 Guardian analysis of more than 9,000 seafood samples from restaurants, fishmongers and supermarkets in more than 30 countries found that 36% were mislabelled, exposing seafood fraud on a global scale. Cultivated meat companies around the world have been throwing millions into producing a product that looks like meat, chews like meat, and tastes exactly like meat. …


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Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

Market Report Says the “World Has Discovered a Treasure Trove in Fungi”

A new report published by shows that interest in fungi as a health food is growing across the globe. 57% of people questioned believe mushrooms can positively impact their health. Only 5% of participants felt it might have a negative effect. Ryan Whittaker, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData said, “The world has discovered a treasure trove in fungi. We are seeing a significant number of new product releases from teas and mushroom-boosted supplements to pet care, skincare, and make-up products.” Fungi appear to hold the key to a world of endless possibilities, from healing our bodies and minds to restoring the very fabric of our planet. We are only currently aware of 100,000 species of fungi out of an estimated 5,000,000 out there. Scientists have …


Alex Crisp

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Op Ed: Alex Crisp, Host of The Future of Food, on How Cultivated Meat Could Change Us as a Species

Alex Crisp is a prolific writer with a background in law, education, and activism. He hosts a podcast called The Future of Food, in which he discusses the food landscape in the near and distant future with academics, business leaders, and industry influencers. He also writes articles about ethical equities, Equity Rebellion, in which he discusses investing for a sustainable future. In this opinion piece, Alex contemplates whether cultivated meat could trigger a new level of human development. Will Cultivated Meat Make Us Kinder? By Alex Crisp This is an exciting time for vegetarians and animal-loving meat-eaters, because we are at the brink of something transformational. We are perhaps now entering a new stage in our food evolution, a food revolution, in which we’ll be …