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Vegan Business Solidarity: Ten Plant-Based Leaders Reveal Their Favourite Vegan Companies

In these uncertain times when many businesses are suffering hardship or even facing closure, we at vegconomist reached out to plantbased leaders across the globe and asked them to nominate their most-loved vegan business, which they feel is deserving of love and support from the vegan community right now.


Amanda Thomson – CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott

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Thomson & Scott: “We Want to Change the Way People Drink Wine for the Better”

Amanda Thomson is a former BBC television presenter and now CEO and Founder of Thomson & Scott, winner of the EY Winning Women 2017 and the Le Cordon Bleu Entrepreneur of the Year 2017. Her brand of high end prosecco and brut wines have been a huge hit in the UK, and the entire range is plastic-free, recyclable, and vegan to boot.