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Csaba Hetenyi & Kati Ohens, Plantcraft founders

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The Next Generation Plant-Based Deli Meat Company is Here – Plantcraft Announces its US Launch

Plantcraft, calling itself the world’s first clean-label, plant-based deli meat company, announces its launch after almost a year of development. We spoke with the two entrepreneurs from Europe and New Zealand behind the new brand, creating innovative lunch meats out of banana and legumes.



Moonshot Collaborative: “Makes Targeted Research Both Accessible and Economical From Startups to Those On the Fortune 500 List”

Moonshot Collaborative is the world’s first consumer research firm dedicated to understanding the universe of plant-based and sustainability-minded shoppers. At the core of the business is a curated and vetted community of thousands of plant-based buyers, ranging from flexitarians who occasionally shop for plant-based foods to 100% plant-based consumers.


Plantbased Business Hour

Is Plant-based Seafood Going To Be Bigger Than Plant-based Burgers?

David Benzaquen, founder of Ocean Hugger Foods and vegan investor joins Elysabeth Alfano on the Plantbased Business Hour to discuss 1) the growth of plant-based seafood, 2) pain points for plant-based businesses and 3) who should be educating the consumer on plant-based products. It’s all on the Plantbased Business Hour. Full interview here and the audio podcast here. Below is a highlight clip (2:00) of David discussing the responsibility of the company to educate (or not) the consumer on health. Display content from YouTube Click here to display content from YouTube. Learn more in YouTube’s privacy policy. Always display content from YouTube Open “Should Food Companies Be Responsible For Educating the Consumer on Health?” directly Now you can be a part of the conversation. The Plantbased …


David Benzaquen of Moonshot Collaborative

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David Benzaquen: Should Plant-Based Meat Companies Prioritize Health or the Perfect Taste?

*The opinions expressed here represent only the author, and not any companies he may be affiliated with. 

Innovation often brings with it heated debate, and plant-based meat is no exception. With the recent wave of highly-realistic meat alternatives, we’re faced with the question: is the perfect taste worth arguably imperfect ingredients?