Insa Mohr, CEO of Mooji Meats

Insa Mohr, courtesy of Mooji Meats


Mooji Meats: “As Ribeyes Are Arguably the Most Popular Yet Intricate Meats, We Chose Them as Our Flagship Product”

Mooji Meats, a Harvard spinoff that has developed a premium plant-based ribeye steak with the aim of bringing meat alternatives to fine dining, was founded in 2022 and quickly saw success after participating in the Y Combinator accelerator program. Previously utilizing a 3d printing methodology, the startup has now developed a more natural process whereby its proprietary platform replicates muscle structure with plant fibers, claiming to offer the firmest texture and most authentic mouthfeel available. The plant-based steak is described as juicy with real marbling and connective tissues that mimic animal meat when cut. We spoke with CEO and founder Insa Mohr, who explains that European consumers are more open than Americans to trying plant-based meats, and that, in many ways, Mooji “is bridging the …