Plantbased Business Hour

What Is The Future of Dairy? Irina Gerry, CMO of Change Foods

CMO of Change Foods, Irina Gerry, joins Elysabeth Alfano on The Plantbased Business Hour to converse on how the consumer feels about technology in their food.  How do brands communicate about the new technologies in their plant-based products in a way that is appetizing, while also conveying that tech in our food is not new and not bad? Irina and Elysabeth discuss: The David v. Goliath journey of upstarts going head-to-head with large corporations Precision Fermentation: What is it and is it novel? How do we communicate with the consumer about the advancements in technology that will ultimately transform the food supply system? What did Irina learn in her years at Danone as a Senior Brand Manager on Silk and So Delicious and why did …